At BWP Albany, our mission is to develop youth soccer players who are strong and resilient in character, technically and tactically proficient; physically able to meet the demands of the modern game of soccer through a professional environment that is rich with technical instructors and mentors, highly motivated youth players, supportive families, maintains routine and rigorous training, and competitive contests.

The growth and development of these players is supported by the Club’s technical staff, which is comprised of professional staff coaches; National Staff members; collegiate coaches; and nationally-licensed youth coaches. The BWP Albany technical staff creates and maintains the  environment for players to be tested, prodded, assessed, trained, and re-tested over and over again in a variety of playing formats.

The academy is designed to help youth players focus on necessary, commonly overlooked foot skills and techniques used in the game of soccer. Throughout the 6-week academy session, players will master turns, moves, passing, control, shooting, juggling/volleys, and terminology. The goal of each session will be to master each skill taught. The focus will be on the quality of skills learned, not quantity of skills taught.


Please check out the Black Watch Soccer School registration page for a listing of what is being offered .

The Birth Year Academies focus on creating positive experiences for young soccer players, and establishing a skills foundation in each individual. The three primary objectives are ball familiarity, developing athleticism, and creating love for the beautiful game in each emerging soccer player!

Black Watch Premier dedicates itself to the grassroots soccer player! As part of its grassroots soccer program, BWP continues the 6 years and under, free of charge soccer academy. U6 soccer players, whether they are beginners, intermediates, or otherwise, now play together once per week under the guidance of Black Watch Premier’s professional coaching staff, learning BWP’s curriculum. 

The players within the academy are trained professionally by the Black Watch Premier staff, with a goal to challenge and guide players in areas that will improve their performance. Coaches are frequently matched to the academies based on their full time club age groups. If you are looking to take your game to the next level, train with other top players in the community, and work with the Capital District's finest coaching staff, then join the Black Watch Premier Youth Academies today!