BWP Troy Prep FC is the Club's first inner-city initiative and a partnership with Uncommon Schools Troy Prep located in Troy, New York. The program is a year-round afterschool program for scholar-athletes attending Troy Prep Elementary School who have interest in playing soccer. This program is philosophically and technically connected to our BWP Grassroots program. Our Director of Soccer for BWP Troy Prep FC is Jake Boland who also serves as a PE teacher at Troy Prep, and oversees the technical execution of the program and the 4 other staff coaches who work with the scholar-athletes daily. Our BWP Troy Prep FC currently has 54 players in Kindergarten through 4th Grade. They will compete in local indoor leagues and tourneys, as well as play in the local Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL). The program also has a week-long evening camp in August that serves as a launch pad for the next year's program. This past summer, the BWP Troy Prep Soccer School saw nearly 80 participants who were afforded attendance tuition free. "We are very proud and excited to have been fortunate to create this program with Uncommon Schools Troy Prep. To offer daily soccer programming to their scholar-athletes is a privilege, and to have it funded so the pay-to-play component is removed from the equation is super exciting," stated Director of Programming and BWP CEO Steve Freeman. "Working with the Head of School Jon Thatcher has been fantastic. The student body, parents and staff at Troy Prep have been wonderful to work with and this program we are looking to vertically grow into the middle school and eventually the high school."



BWP Troy Prep FC Technical Staff


Steve Freeman, Director of Programming

Jake Boland, Director of Soccer

Benjamin Pitan, BWP Staff Coach