At BWP Albany, our mission is to develop youth soccer players who are strong and resilient in character, technically and tactically proficient; physically able to meet the demands of the modern game of soccer through a professional environment that is rich with technical instructors and mentors, highly motivated youth players, supportive families, maintains routine and rigorous training, and competitive contests.

The growth and development of these players is supported by the Club’s technical staff, which is comprised of professional staff coaches; National Staff members; collegiate coaches; and nationally-licensed youth coaches. The BWP Albany technical staff creates and maintains the  environment for players to be tested, prodded, assessed, trained, and re-tested over and over again in a variety of playing formats.


 Jake holds a NSCAA Premier Coaching Diploma and USSF D License. He is the director of the BWP Grassroots Program which includes Summer Camps and Youth Academies that run throughout the soccer season.  Jake has a BA in Philosophy, Policies and Law from Binghamtom University, a graduate of Shaker High School and former collegiate player for Plattsburgh University. Jake is also a member of the technical staff coaches at BWP Albany.

We believe at BWP Albany that the Club is the priority, and it is the Club’s priority to develop the player.  Therefore, we pride ourselves in being “player-centric” in our methodology and daily practices administratively.  The Club’s technical program tries to create a learning environment for its players.  Asking questions like...Why would you want to play the ball inside shoulder in that situation versus their feet?... Creating an environment where winning is not the priority at the developmental phases (U6-U14), yet understanding why and how to play successful, competitive soccer depending on the game’s situations. As we move players forward in their development, at the older ages (U15-U19), does winning become more of a priority and ultimately a measured outcome. Learning takes time with intervention along the way. We embrace failure and desire it through competition because it gives authentic information in which we create training environments.


Over the course of 23 years of operation, the Club has developed programming for youth of both genders, ages 6-23 years old. This programming is fluid and ever-changing, allowing the Club to meet the demands of the modern game of soccer.  Through technical review by our Club’s technical leadership team, ongoing professional development and daily experience in the soccer landscape, the entirety of the technical staff is constantly evaluating and re-evaluating Club best practices to enhance the overall training as well as match environments.